Inspired seasonal cuisines await brunch aficionados at Toorak Tracktor, the (brunch) place to be in Toorak.

Ensconced in the lush and idyllic Armadale district, Toorak Tracktor occupies a cheery and bright shop lot underneath the Toorak Park Apartment complex. A lively and vibrant energy buzzes off the café-restaurant, with the ever-friendly staff and floor manager ushering guests to their table into the cosy and chic space. There’s alfresco seating running alongside the venue for those looking to enjoy the crisp Autumn weather and a spot of brunch, as well as communal and booth seatings indoors for larger, rowdier groups.

Image: Toorak Tracktor, interior

Seasonal and hyper-local produce is the name of the game at Toorak Tracktor, with blushing peaches, vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes and organic quinoa gracing the exquisitely plated brunch items. Toorak Tracktor sources their produce from trusted boutique producers and local growers around the region. There’s dairy products courtesy of St David Dairy in Fitzroy, Cheeses from Ballarat cheese maestros Goldfields, rustic breads and flaky pastries from the local bakery. Coffee aficionados would be well-served in sampling the café’s proprietary coffee blend made in collaboration with Coburg North’s famed Inglewood Coffee Roasters.

Image: muffins, pastries and Inglewood coffee

The kitchen is headed by head chef Mark, a veteran with 20 years of experience working in various award-winning kitchens across Melbourne. The menu changes every week, featuring the kitchen team’s latest inspirations culinary obsessions. At Toorak Tracktor, expect each and every thing which could be possibly made in-house to be made in house. From chili marmalade, house-cured salmon to gluten-free gnocchi, there are new surprises waiting for the café-restaurant’s ever-growing patrons.

Image: Gua bao bun, cherry wood smoked kangaroo loin

For starters, we had the Gua bao bun – an exquisite parcel of tempura battered pulled pork, house-made pineapple chutney and cabbage-mint leaf slaw wrapped around springy bao bun. It’s definitely tempting to order a small mountain of the lovely bun to start off, but do remember to save some room for the main course. Feeling a little adventurous, we’ve opted for kangaroo for the main event – kangaroo loin cured for eight hours, smoked in cherry wood and flashed on the grill before it’s served with chunks of goat cheese, piquant Mexican melon from Yarra Valley, scrumptious beetroot cakes and spicy chili egg for a zesty finish.

Image: vanilla bean pudding

As a finale, the vanilla bean pudding comes highly recommended by the chef – we happily obliged. Wedges of blood plums and caramelised mandarin oranges are tucked in between seas of vanilla bean pudding, chunks of house-made pistachio biscotti and decadent bars of chocolate quinoa, a perfect end to a lovely meal.

Toorak Tracktor
8A Evergreen Mews, Armadale
VIC 3143
T (+61) 3 8592 6948
Prices $$ (fair)
Cuisine Seasonal Café Restaurant
Verdict There’s no lack for flair here, each dish is interesting and meticulously thought out

Categories: Food Melbourne