With the surge of interest in Filipino cuisine, it is no surprise that one can find Filipino restaurants everywhere. One dish we had in Manila that we loved is the humble silog, a staple breakfast dish found in one form or another pretty much everywhere in the Philippines.

When you think of breakfast in Asia, you can’t go wrong with a hearty dish of noodles or rice. After all, breakfast is very serious business in the region. In Manila, the staple breakfast is silog, a filling fuel of garlic fried rice, egg and a protein. An abbreviation of two Filipino words, the heart and soul of silog lies in two key components: sinagang (garlic fried rice) and itlog (egg). While these two components on their own would constitute a worthy breakfast, a third addition completes the trinity – a protein – which brings us to our next topic: choices.

The most typical choices for proteins are beef tapa (soy, garlic-marinated and stir-fried beef), bangus (vinegar-marinated and deep fried milkfish), hatdog (hot dog, we’re serious), tuyo (dried fish) and longganisa (local sweet sausage). Respectively they are called tapsilog, bangsilog, hotsilog, tuysilog and longsilog. As you can see, there are probably as many varieties of silogs as there are stars in the sky, we suggest you get started as quickly as possible!

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Kanto Freestyle Breakfast (All-day breakfast)

Various outlets, Manila

Manam Comfort Filipino (Breakfast service only)

Various outlets, Manila

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