If there’s one thing to take away from Melbourne, it is this – Melbourne is a melting pot of history and culture. Like all melting pots, there are plenty of delicious flavours to explore in one of the food capital of Australia. Bon Apetit!

Spicy Chicken Ribs


Ask any student what’s their go-to eatery and chances are they’ll tell you it’s Rose Garden. An institution in its own right, Rose Garden is a small Chinese eatery in the city operated by a Hong Kong husband and wife duo. Stretching back to almost two decades of operation, the eatery is going strong in a city where restaurants close by the hundreds year on year. Our favourite dish? The legendary Spicy Chicken Ribs on rice.

Image: huxtaburger


Burgers are serious business in Australia, as it should be. Burger fans will be dizzy by the array of choices available – casual or posh, lamb or beef, hand-ground or generic – there’s something for everyone. The snobbish purists that we are, our mainstay favourite is Huxtaburger, who does a mean, no frills, honest to God, great burgers. First-timers, go for the signature Huxtaburger, no regrets.

Hardware Societe
Image: hardwaresociete


One would be hard pressed to pick a brunch place in Melbourne, considering that there are so many excellent cafés in the capital of coffee. We like the safe pick because one, it is safe and two, it is proven. The Hardware Societe is both and it is thoroughly excellent. Great coffee, delightful breakfast and friendly (albeit harried) staff. Pick a kitchen-side seat if you can, sipping your morning latte while watching the masterful chefs prepare the lovely pain perdu is a spectacle in itself.

Chicken Parmigiana
Image: equinoxbusselton


A classic beloved pub fare in Australia, a quality chicken parmagiana is key for any proprietor looking to run a serious pub business. An honest enquiry regarding the best chicken parmagiana around is likely to spark an hour-long (or three) of half-drunken and increasingly heated debate. We’d rather not start any such debates, but if you’re pressing us, we would have to admit that our nomination goes to The Leveson’s frankly masterful treatment of this Aussie classic.

Souvlaki Mythos
Image: mythos.gr_


First timers to Melbourne’s famed Greek precinct on Oakleigh will love the chic Greek shop fronts of the area. From Greek bakeries selling baklavas, ubiquitous cafés to full scale Greek eateries, there are plenty to see in the area. Our favourite souvlaki joint in the area is Mythos Gyros Bar. Drop by and grab a pitta gyros combo wrap and choose amongst lovely grilled pork, chicken and lamb. Pair it with a pint of Greek’s favourite Mythos Lager and you’re pretty much all set for a lovely afternoon stroll.

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