Planning a quick visit to Bangkok? Here are a few interesting venues you might want to check out while you’re in town.



There are approximately 400 temples throughout metro Bangkok alone. One can happily spend months at a time marvelling at each and every one of them. However, if you’re only in the city briefly, it is only fair that you visit the most famous of them all – Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn). Wat Arun  is located strategically by the banks of Chao Phraya river. A majestic sight at daybreak and sunset, Wat Arun’s architecture is a Khmer-style spire flanked by four smaller spires. Popular amongst tourists, it’s best to visit it early before the crowd stream in.

Wat Arun, Bangkok


The main thoroughfare of Bangkok’s Chinatown, Yaowarat road feeds an endless stream of locals and tourists into the ever-busy district. Merchants spill out onto the main road and back alleys selling everything from t-shirts, knick-knacks to handcrafted wooden accessories. In the night time, the streets are taken up by food vendors offering visitors an endless variety of delicious Chinese and Thai street food, from wonton mee, pad thai to kway chap.

Yaowarat Road, Bangkok



A stone’s throw away from the Bangkok Chinatown is Old Siam Plaza, a three-storey market which is popular for its charming historic architecture and wide variety of snacks sold. While there are your typical souvenirs vendors, tailor shops and sundries shop, the main attraction for the Old Siam Plaza is the mind-boggling offering of traditional Thai Desserts sold by vendors in its main atrium. Come with an empty stomach and pick up a few of the steamed custard buns, kanom buang (Thai-style crepes), woon grob (crispy jelly), black glutinous rice and whatever unique desserts catch your fancy.

Old Siam Plaza, Bangkok


For meticulous, authentic Thai food in a contemporary setting, we like White Flower Factory which has branches in Siam Square One and Bamrun Mueang. Both branches are equally crowded, popular amongst the youths and family alike in Bangkok. The décor is clean and minimalist, with polished concrete, brick walls and wooden tiles. Like any good Thai restaurant, their pad thai is excellent. Do order the tom yum soup and their house-made crispy shrimp cake.

White Flower Factory, Bangkok



One of the most grandiose sky bars in Bangkok, Lebua at State Tower merits a berth in your itinerary while you’re visiting the city. Expect breathtaking views of the Bangkok city overlooking the vibrant Silom district and beyond, marvellous architecture, bamboozling potations and world-class service. While you’re at it, why not order the Hangovertini, an intoxicating cocktail made to commemorate the famous bar’s appearance in the Hollywood blockbuster The Hangover II.

Lebua, Bangkok


With the advent of the third wave coffee all across Asia, coffee aficionados can always count on quality brew anywhere they travel regionally. Aside from the famous traditional Thai coffee, we recommend travellers to drop by some of Bangkok’s budding roasters, which are frankly fantastic. Ceresia Coffee Roasters is worthy of a visit should you happen to be around the Sukhumvit area. The roaster’s signature roast blends quality local black honey coffee beans and boonsern coffee beans, resulting in a smooth, chocolatey and vibrant cup of coffee. Don’t take our word for it, drop by the café and have a cuppa!

Ceresia, Bangkok

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