A favourite comfort food for many in Indonesia, one can find bakmi on every single street corner in the Jakarta.

The word bakmi is a literal translation of the Chinese Hokkien words for meat noodles. Brought by the Chinese immigrants to Southeast Asia, bakmi has become a beloved mainstay of Jakarta’s rich and sumptuous cuisine. Bakmi is usually made with variants of yellow wheat noodle which may be thin, thick or curly depending on where one eats the dish. The noodles are boiled before serving, tossed with a combination of sauces, topped with minced meat (usually chicken) before being garnished with spring onions and fried shallots. The most common accompaniments include boiled vegetables, fried or boiled wontons and bakso (beef meatballs). Often, the wontons and vegetables are served in a separate bowl of broth for the diner to pour over their bakmi according to their personal preferences.

Popular variants of bakmi include the classic bakmi ayam (bakmi topped with diced or minced chicken), bakmi pangsit (bakmi ayam served with fried or boiled wonton), bakmi goreng (bakmi stir-fried with Indonesian sweet soy sauce) and bakmi godhog jawa (a Javanese-style bakmi goreng drowned with chicken broth).

Whether one is looking to tuck into a bowl of bakmi at a humble roadside stall or savour an exotic rendition of this classic dish in a five-starred restaurant, anyone can enjoy a bowl of bakmi anytime in Jakarta.



Bakmie Ernie

Jalan Boulevard Raya Blok FY No. 1/15

Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, Indonesia

T: (+62) 21 4585 8681

Bakmie Aloi

Jalan Dr. Muwardi No. 36

Grogol, Jakarta, Indonesia

T: (+62) 21 5603 064


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