One of Asia’s most acclaimed dining venues, Cuca is the gem of Bali’s sumptuous dining scene. Since its inception in 2013, Cuca has garnered countless awards from gourmands and food critics for its dazzling culinary creations.

Visitors to Cuca will appreciate its sleek and contemporary interiors, with warm tones imparted from the elegant wooden furnishings, tall vertical windows boasting luscious garden views, austere handcrafted floor tiles spanning throughout the dining area and lengths of graceful curtains serving as partitions.

Interior, Cuca

The team behind Cuca is the talented Canadian Chef Kevin Cherkas and his charming wife Virginia Entizne. Chef Kevin boasts a glittering track record of working in Michelin-starred kitchens across Europe (El Bulli, La Broche and Arzak) as well as America (Daniel). A Spanish native, Virginia is an Arts and Business graduate with successful stints managing a series of prestigious companies across Asia.

Founders, Cuca

At Cuca, visitors can expect platters of exquisite tapas and lovely desserts paired with wondrous potations dreamt up by Chef Kevin Cherkas. Cuca sources its ingredients locally, supporting indigenous farmers and growers. With the unique riches of the archipelago at his disposal, Chef Kevin Cherkas offers internationally-inspired cuisine with quality seasonal ingredients. A prime example is Cuca’s hot potatoes which features a medley of potatoes, onion fudge and charred scallions finished off with spiced keluak gravy. Another highlight is the baked scallop, featuring fresh caught Lombok scallops accompanied with mashed cauliflower. For dessert, the Bali breakfast is an all-time favourite of Cuca’s frequent diners. A whimsical dish plated to resemble a sunny side up egg, visitors will be delighted to dig into the faux egg-yolk made from mango and passion fruit, a perfect accomplice to the egg-white made of whipped coconut cream.

Hot Potatoes, Cuca

As a special treat, the Cuca team has kindly provided our readers with recipe to their ever-popular sun-gria cocktail, a refreshing number perfect for sharing with friends on a bright and sunny Balinese day.

Sun-gria Cocktail, Cuca



Red Wine Mix

Ingredients (Serves 4)

1 cup red wine

2 shots vanilla brandy

2 cups soda water

8 tbs honey

4 tbs lemon juice

The Method

Mix red wine, brandy, soda water, honey and lemon juice and stir gently.

Iced Fruits (Serves 4)

1 cup pineapple, juiced and strained

1 cup tangerine, juiced and strained

1 cup watermelon, juiced and strained

1 cup yellow watermelon, juiced and strained

The Method

Freeze juice in ice cube trays


1) Divide up iced fruits cubes into individual glasses.

2) Serve red wine mix in a separate jug, pour right before serving.


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