What are the different types of Indonesian coffee? Where’s the best place for coffee in Bangkok? What happens when you mix coffee with alcohol? If you’re interested in the answers to these questions, follow our Coffee & Chat series for the whole month of January, where we’ll perk you up with interesting stories to blow away your January Blues.

For coffee and alcohol lovers, the fact that they complement each other is basically the cherry on top. Have your coffee and drink it too with these coffee liquors.

Kahlúa, Rum, 20% ABV (Mexico)

One of the most popular coffee liquor worldwide is Kahlúa, a coffee flavoured rum originating from Mexico. First produced in 1936 by four friends who had the idea of making a coffee flavoured liquor, Kahlúa turned out to be a huge success with the America and Europe markets. Today, Kahlúa is an essential coffee liquor stocked by bartenders worldwide, used in classics such as White Russian and B-52 cocktails.

Image: Kahlúa

Tia Maria, Rum, 20% ABV (Jamaica)

Another well-known coffee liquor is Tia Maria, a delightful concoction of full-bodied Jamaican rum and Jamaican coffee beans. The origins of Tia Maria is said to date back to the 17th century, when a young Spanish heiress fled Jamaica with the family’s heirloom recipe for a coffee liqueur. The recipe was said to be rediscovered and manufactured in the 1940s by Dr Kenneth Leigh Evans. Whatever its origins, what we can be sure of is that Tia Maria is absolutely delicious!

Tia Maria
Image: Tia Maria

Caffé Borghetti, Liquor, 25% ABV (Italy)

A classic favourite from the land of espresso itself is Caffé Borghetti. The history of the liquor dates back to the 19th century, when it was popular in Italy for espressos to be drunk cold with a dash of alcohol. Bar owner Ugo Borghetti made a special individual blend for his customers which received much critical acclaim. Today, Caffé Borghetti utilises the same original recipe that was created in 1860, making the finest coffee liquor with choice Arabica and Robusta coffee beans sourced from the world’s markets.

Caffé Borghetti
Image: Caffé Borghetti

Toussaint Coffee Liqueur, Rum, 30% ABV (Haiti)

A relatively new contender which is well-regarded is Toussaint Coffee Liqueur. Inspired by the revolutionary hero Toussaint Louvreture, the liquor was first made in Haiti in 1970s. The potation utilises aged rum, bespoke Arabica coffee beans and cocoa, liquorice and vanilla flavourings. Today, Toussaint Coffee Liqueur enjoys widespread popularity in the United Kingdom and has won prestigious international awards such as the 2014 Global Rum Masters.

Toussaint Coffee Liqueur
Image: Toussaint Coffee Liqueur

Allen’s Coffee Brandy, Brandy, 30% ABV (US)

A cult-favourite coffee liquor in Maine is Allen’s Coffee Brandy, produced by M.S. Walker in Massachusetts. Since its launch in the 1960s, Allen’s Coffee Brandy has been the best-selling spirit in Maine, utilised in cocktails, gelatos as well as gourmet cakes and donuts. If you’re lucky enough to get a bottle, whip yourself up the famous Sombrero, equal parts milk and Allen’s Coffee Brandy on ice.

Allen’s Coffee Brandy
Image: Allen’s Coffee Brandy
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