A cup of magical brew to soothe away all your troubles, to warm your heart and (in some cases) to save your soul. We’re talking about coffee, of course. Some swears by a cup of pitch-black potent long black to banish the early morning wooziness and kick start their day, while others prefer the light and floral elegant notes of a mug of cold-brew single-origin coffee to pair a brilliant new day. However way you like your cup of joe, there’s aplenty of cafés and roasters around the corner. We cast our eyes (and tastebuds) over some of our favourite brewmasters in Jakarta.


Ombé Kofie opened in 2015 with a vision to provide a good consistent cuppa for the community. Three years on and five more outlets later, it is fair to say that Ombé Kofie remained on course for its aspirations. Besides espresso-style coffees, Ombé Kofie was one of the few third-wave cafés in Jakarta offering manual filter selections as well as cold brew. Our favourite outlet remains the cosy flagship outlet tucked away in the familiar neighbourhood stretch of Jalan Pluit Sakti Raya.

Ambience: Friendly neighbourhood café

Editor’s Pick: The thunderbolt (coffee & lemonade) is an interesting drink which will perk you right up from your early morning stupor

Ombé Kofie
Image: Ombé Kofie


One of the most talked-about openings in 2017 was Ardent Coffee & Kitchen. The brainchild of four friends who are avid fans of coffee and great good, Ardent Coffee & Kitchen sets up its home base at the bustling Jalan Pesanggrahan. The façade is an eye-catching lattice of brickworks, a teaser to the handsome and contemporary interior of the café. Go for the great coffee, stay for the lovely food.

Ambience: Chic and contemporary café

Editor’s Pick: Try the Pure Black, Arden’s house special nitro brew coffee, the beans are supplied by local specialty roaster Ippolito Coffee.

Ardent Coffee & Kitchen
Image: Ardent Coffee & Kitchen


Ensconced in the mazy alleys of Kuningan business district within the Suites at Seven Residence, Fillmore Coffee is a perfect café for a spot of reading or simply getting away from the Jakarta crowds. The café occupies a quirky, glass-fronted tiny outhouse with a rooftop outdoor section offering a charming view of the rustic neighbourhood. There’s Wifi, cakes and good brew, perfect for creatives on the go.

Ambience: Coffee hideaway

Editor’s Pick: We like the pour-overs which offer a selection of seasonal local and imported coffee beans, such as Ethiopian Geisha for high-brow coffee purists.

Fillmore Coffee
Image: Fillmore Coffee
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