A cup of magical brew to soothe away all your troubles, to warm your heart and (in some cases) to save your soul. We’re talking about coffee, of course. Some swears by a cup of pitch-black potent long black to banish the early morning wooziness and kick start their day, while others prefer the light and floral elegant notes of a mug of cold-brew single-origin coffee to pair a brilliant new day. However way you like your cup of joe, there’s aplenty of cafés and roasters around the corner. We cast our eyes (and tastebuds) over some of our favourite brewmasters in Bangkok.


One of the city’s most popular third-wave coffee purveyors, Rocket Coffeebar is an oasis of comforting coffee scents and chic bright interiors in the busy capital. For those with large groups of friends, come by the chain’s larger Sukhumvit’s branch which comfortable accommodates 60 jittery individuals. Aside from lovely Colombia, Ethiopia and Thailand single origin coffee, the food offering comes highly recommended (we like the Thai-style crab cake).

Ambience: Light-filled and cheery

Editor’s Pick: Support the locavore movement, try the lovely Thailand single origin

Rocket Coffee Bar
Image: Rocket Coffee Bar


A café we frequent whenever we go to Bangkok is Ceresia Coffee Roaster. The flagship outlet is located in the lush Sukhumvit district and tucked away in an alley. Ceresia is a roaster and a café offering seasonal beans from around the world, run by two passionate sisters who have previously worked at the famed Monmouth Coffee Company of UK. Coffee lovers will go dizzy with the selection of in-season beans they offer as well as their house blend espressos.

Ambience: Minimalist comfort

Editor’s Pick: The single origin wild honey (Thailand) is the perfect pour-over cup

Ceresia Coffee Roaster
Image: Ceresia Coffee Roaster


We have something akin to an obsession with micro-roasteries, in case you haven’t noticed. There is something indescribably satisfying about taking a bag of meticulously grown green beans, sorting it and roasting it to aromatic perfection. Roots work closely with farmers and small-batch producers locally and globally to bring you the perfect cup, all you have to do it drop by and say hello. Cold brew is a thing for Roots, great news for fans of the cup-to-farm café.

Ambience: Contemporary industrial

Editor’s Pick: Cookie crumble cold brew, because everyone deserves a treat!

Roots Coffee Roaster
Image: Roots Coffee Roaster
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