A cup of magical brew to soothe away all your troubles, to warm your heart and (in some cases) to save your soul. We’re talking about coffee, of course. Some swears by a cup of pitch-black potent long black to banish the early morning wooziness and kick start their day, while others prefer the light and floral elegant notes of a mug of cold-brew single-origin coffee to pair a brilliant new day. However way you like your cup of joe, there’s aplenty of cafés and roasters around the corner. We cast our eyes (and tastebuds) over some of our favourite brewmasters in Bali.


A nondescript sign marks the location of Revolver Espresso’s flagship outlet in the heart of Seminyak. Make your way down the alley, through the door and caffeine hunters are rewarded with the fragrance of freshly ground coffee. The café’s interior is an inspired industrial-cowboy style, with polished wooden surfaces, low-slung rafters and distressed concrete walls. A great drinking joint to fuel up before continuing your exploration of the lovely island.

Ambience: Industrial cowboy

Editor’s Pick: Ask the barista what they have on pour-overs, from bright Balinese Kintamani coffee to exotic Myay Ni Kone Myanmar Natural, there’s plenty to pamper your tastebuds

Revolver Espresso
Image: Revolver Espresso


After an afternoon exploring the art markets, temples and hiking nature trails in Ubud, you deserve an excellent cup of brew. Pop by the popular Seniman Coffee Studio and have a chat with their friendly baristas. Started by Rodney Glick and David Sullivan, Seniman Coffee Studio is bright, bustling and filled with delicious smells of coffee and pastries.

Ambience: Charming & laidback

Editor’s Pick: Looking to treat yourself on cheat day? Grab a crème brulee espresso, velvety and decidedly sinful

Seniman Coffee Studio
Image: Seniman Coffee Studio


The new kid in the Beach game located in Canggu, Hungry Bird Coffee Roaster is popular amongst grizzled Bali surfers and cool-hunters alike. Brilliant blue sky, bright sun and soft white sand, the perfect accompaniments to a hit of caffeine one would find at the café. Established in 2012, the venue sources, roasts and grinds local beans. A cuppa is a must for visitors.

Ambience: Sun-dappled beach café

Editor’s Pick: An iced latte is the perfect accomplice to take with you on your beachside escapades

Hungry Bird Coffee Roaster
Image: Hungry Bird Coffee Roaster
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