Ensconced in the up and coming docklands district, Barlog offers quality brews, insta-perfect mains and a rocking service to boot.

Since opening up its glass doors for the first time in early June, Barlog has steadily accrued zealous followers for its unique and scrumptious offerings. Barlog opens seven days a week and offer a full-service brunch menu, a rarity amongst the multitude of espresso and pastries establishments in Melbourne. The café also offers lovely cocktails and bottomless brunch specials for those looking for something potent to perk them up.

Image: Barlog standing bar area

Cheerful pink and pure white are the colours of choice for the café’s colour palette, which matches seamlessly with the lush and green neighbourhood. Visitors entering the café are welcomed by standing bar tables, the coffee bar and the pastries shelf for those looking for a quick morning fix, espresso bar style. For guests looking to indulge themselves to a brunch session, pull up a chair and the ever friendly staff are more than happy to recommend the specials of the week. Outside, the triangular al fresco area is perfect for guests to enjoy a spot of sunshine with their midday coffee on warm sunny days.

Image: Barlog al fresco area

Barlog is masterminded by mother and son duo Connor and Vanessa, with Connor manning the coffee front and Vanessa taking charge of the food program. The third of the duo’s successful café ventures (Carlton North and Fledgling Espresso), Barlog aims to deliver fresh, seasonal and bright offerings while serving quality coffee and delightful tipples.

Image: Barlog Pastry Shelf

Connor’s love affair with cafés began when he started working in the F&B industry. Having worked for the famed Julien Moussi in his sprawling café empire (Bentwood, Stanley, Winter, Penta, Tinker, Mob), Connor had worked mainly in the front of the house for Coffee Mob, where he learned the intricacies of the barista craft.

At Barlog, the café works with local microroaster Inglewood coffee for its blend, uses a precise German-engineered Mahlkönig grinder and a state-of-the-art Slayer EP machine to produce its top-notch brews. The result is perfection in every pull of espressos, with rich and rounded cups to satisfy the most discerning of coffee critics.

Barlog’s chef Ram has previously worked in Melbourne’s hottest brunch spots, including the well-regarded Snow Pony café at Balwyn. At Barlog, the food menu is centred on satiating the sweet tooth lovers, with pink fairy floss, sweet potations and sinful offerings gracing the plates. The menu line-up is minimal, with a focus on quality over quantity.

Image: lemon curd pancakes

The lemon curd pancakes is perfect for diners looking for a classic comfort food, done Barlog-style. The pancakes are light and fluffy, stacked high and slathered with creamy mascarpone and topped with house made meringue and rose-flavoured fairy floss. A side of zesty lemon curd offers a lovely accompaniment. To finish off the assemble, drizzle over the fresh berry-cream couli which rounds off the dish beautifully.

Image: french date toast

For those looking for something decadent, the sticky date French toast is the dish to order. The French toast is moist and rich, topped with mascarpone cream, wedges of fresh strawberries, dehydrated orange and a spool of fairy floss cloud. A base of honeycomb chunks prop up the whole assemble, drizzled over with caramel sauce and a handful of pistachios to finish. A layered sweet dish for chocolate lovers.



11/2 Waterview Walk, Docklands

VIC 3008

T: (+61) 0396 0023 65


Prices $$ (fair)

Cuisine Bright, delicious and fresh café

Verdict We’ve been told that the corn on toast is very good. For caffeine addicts, the bottomless batch brew is too good an offer to pass up!

Categories: Food Melbourne