For our simple recipes, we like to keep them robust yet authentic. We limit ourselves to simply eight ingredients for you to hunt down, barring from everyday essentials such as oil, salt, pepper, sugar and water.

One of the classical Sundanese dishes of Indonesia, gado gado is sold all across the archipelago. The name literally means “to mix”, alluding to the mixture of vegetables, eggs and other ingredients with a signature peanut sauce dressing. Try this healthy and delicious Indonesian salad today, one of our favourite dishes we’ve had in Indonesia.


Ingredients (Serves 4)

300g roasted peanuts

4 cloves garlic

3-5 bird’s eye chilli

4 medium potatoes, skinned, cubed and blanched

4 eggs, hardboiled and halved

1 cup long beans, sliced and blanched

1 cup cabbage, sliced and blanched

50g tofu, fried and diced

The Method

1) Whizz peanuts, garlic, chilli, a pinch of salt, 6 tablespoons sugar and 2 cups water in a food processor to make relatively smooth peanut sauce (we like little chunks for the texture).

2) Split the potatoes, eggs, long beans, cabbage and tofu into four serving bowls.

3) Drizzle over peanut sauce and toss well to mix before serving. Garnish with fried shallots.

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