Voted one of the most liveable cities in the world, Melbourne is one of the loveliest places to visit for holiday makers. Melbourne is famed for its fantastic culinary scene, great coffee, friendly locals, manicured city grid and excellent public transport system. Here are a few things to expect in the beloved capital of Victoria.

City Circle Tram


If you’re out and about in the city’s central business district (Zone 1), do note that the tram services are free! The relatively recent initiative by the Victoria government has proven to be wildly popular amongst locals and tourist alike. Keep in mind though, the Metro train services within the city are not included.



For all your public transportation travel needs around Victoria, grab the electronic MYKI card available at train stations, 7-11 convenience stores and a few dedicated outlets. Whether you’re taking trams outside Zone 1 (CBD), buses or the Metro train system, the MYKI is a convenient all in one card to carry.

 Melbourne Weather


In Melbourne, take weather forecasts with a pinch of salt. Wear comfy clothing, bring a light jacket as well as sunnies in your travel bag. You can’t always be prepared for all kinds of weather, but there’s always a nice café around the corner to take shelter. A sunny day, a thunderstorm and a hail of ice all in one day is a very real possibility. Welcome to Melbourne.

 Great Coffee


Nobody will admit it, but all Melburnians are coffee snobs, pretty much. It’s inevitable given that the city enjoys some of the best coffee purveyors and artisans in the world. One of the most densely café populated city, there’s always a great coffee around the corner. There’s a reason why Melbourne is dubbed the coffee capital of the world.

 Royal Botanic Gardens


For travellers on a shoestring budget, they’ll be enthused to know that much of the city’s attractions are free of charge. For art buffs, we highly recommend dropping by the National Gallery of Victoria which showcases the latest critically-acclaimed Australian and International artworks in its various exhibits. Nature lovers are urged to spend a wonderful day exploring the Royal Botanics Garden, a beautiful sprawling garden filled with indigenous Australian plants and flowers.


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