A vibrant international tourists’ destination, Bali offers an eclectic mix of activities for its visitors. From lush unspoiled beaches, wondrous dive spots with forgotten ruins to exquisite international and traditional cuisines to tantalise one’s tastebuds, there are countless attractions for tourists to savour.


Families on holidays looking to visit the various attractions on the island should seriously consider hiring a car service. The daily rate for car-and-chauffer service ranges from Rp 450,000 to Rp 550,000 which is a great deal for the ease and convenience it offers. Savvy local drivers are more than happy to suggest various attractions, popular dining options and shopping strips on the island. A beach trip with the family is a cinch with a car service, just stuff everything in the car’s trunk, sit back and enjoy the drive.

Private Driver, Bali


Visitors to Bali ought to consider a stay in a Balinese villa for the trip, with the multitude of choices available. Often cheaper and cosier than a hotel room, the typical Balinese villa also comes with your own personal swimming pool, perfect for a lazy day of lounging and catching up on your reading. A complimentary breakfast is also often prepared by the caretakers of the property, who are more than happy to clean up and restock all the necessities daily. Just another day in beachside paradise.

Beachside Villa, Bali


Visitors curious about Bali’s coffee can visit the plantations in Kintamani highlands. The highlands is located in between Batukaru and Agung volcanoes. A distinctive attribute of Balinese coffee is the usage of organic fertilisers and shun of agrochemicals in its cultivation. Besides the obvious advantage of its organic label, Bali’s farming system organises smallholders coffee farmers, qualifying Kintamani coffee its fair trade status. Kintamani coffee is prized for its sweet and mild coffee with bright citrusy tones. A bag of the aromatic coffee beans makes the perfect souvenir for your coffee lover friend.

Kintamani, Bali


An ancient Balinese tradition, cockfighting has a long history and tradition on the Island of Gods. Today, cockfights are deemed illegal by the Indonesian government, in part due to the heavy gambling that often comes with the event. Although banned publicly, cockfights are still held in the temples all around Bali as part of religious ceremonies as an offering to gods. Cockerels meant for these fights are often held in wicker baskets placed near the roadside to get them used to the presence of people. A cockfight is a bloody event that ends when one of the cockerels are incapacitated, definitely not for the faint of heart.

 Cockfight, Bali


Nyepi is a uniquely Balinese Hinduism event which is observed every Isakawarsa (new year) according to the Balinese calendar. On Nyepi, the whole island observes a day of silence, fasting and meditation. No fires are to be lighted, lights are turned down and little of activities are seen in homes. Working and entertainment are prohibited, with the day reserved for individual self-reflection. Bali’s streets and beaches are empty, with patrols by Pecalang (traditional security men) ensuring that the prohibitions are being observed. Only emergency vehicles are granted exceptions. A quiet place indeed.

Nyepi, Bali

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