One of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia, plenty of attractions await visitors to Bangkok. From grandiose temples scattered around the city, the warm and welcoming Thai people to the smorgasm of delicious street food available everywhere. Let us introduce you to a few things to expect before you arrive at the Land of Smiles.


If you’re staying near the city centre, getting a Rabbit Card will be a good idea for your transport needs around the city. The Rabbit Card is used to pay fares for the Skytrain as well as the Bangkok BRT Bus. The Skytrain is the most convenient way to get around Bangkok while avoiding the city’s infamous traffic jams. If you’re keen to stretch your legs for a walk, the Skywalk right underneath the Skytrain platform offers a safe and convenient alternative connecting the city’s most popular shopping areas.

BTS, Bangkok


Aptly named the street food capital of Asia, one can find all kinds of delicious culinary gems in Bangkok. From the hidden back alleys of tall shiny office buildings to mazy networks of side streets in and around the city’s Chinatown, it is practically impossible to walk Bangkok’s streets without indulging in some delicious street food. Whether one is looking for a refreshing som tam (papaya salad) or a comforting plate of pad krapow gai (stir-fried basil chicken on rice), there’s always a friendly vendor round the corner.

Durian Vendor, Bangkok


For a unique and charming experience, hail a tuk-tuk for a short tour around the city. The traditional three-wheeled open-air taxi is a relic of Bangkok’s past before modern public transport took over. Tuk-tuks are popular amongst tourists, though locals still uses them, especially in remote areas where public transport is not accessible. That being said, a tuk-tuk ride is not cheap and haggling is a widely accepted practice, with fares of 30-40 baht being the norm for short trips.

Tuk-tuk, Bangkok


Tourists looking for some night time activities will be well-served in heading over to the city’s night markets. A few choices are available, with most of the larger ones 40-50 minutes journey from the city centre. We like the Ratchada Rot Fai Night Market for its sheer scale and variety of vendors. Popular amongst locals as well as tourists, one can find all kind of souvenirs, yummy food, clothing and accessories sold by the vendors. Street performances and art galleries are also often part of the attraction – a literal bazaar of festivity awaits you at Bangkok’s night markets.

Night Market, Bangkok


A predominantly Buddhist population, one can find temples everywhere in Thailand. Bangkok alone is home to more than 400 temples. One of the must-see tourist attractions, Bangkok temples are welcoming, with set hours for visitors to admire the beautiful and historic structures. The most famous (and hence most crowded) temples are the Wat Arun, Wat Pho and Wat Pra Kaew. Some of the temples requires an entrance fee and follow a strict dress code. Do remember to wear proper shoes, long pants and a sleeved shirt.

Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok

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