Unsure what to bring home for your loved ones from your trip to Melbourne? Let us give you some suggestions on unique mementos from the capital of Victoria.

Coffee Melbourne
Image: visitmelbourne


It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that coffee from the coffee capital of the world is a great memento idea. Yet which roastery’s coffee to bring home? There’s so many microroasteries and master roasters that it’s always a difficult pick. Our suggestion is to pick up one or two bags from new upcoming roasters as well as two more from established stalwarts like Seven Seeds, Sensory Lab and Market Lane.


Max Brenner
Image: maxbrenner


Everyone likes chocolates, and there are plenty master chocolatiers to choose from with a mind boggling variety of the dark decadent stuff. For those looking for easy pickings in the CBD, go for Haigh’s Chocolates, Max Brenner Chocolate Bar or Koko Black. If you’re around the Yarra Valley, drop by the Yarra Valley Ice Cream & Chocolaterie for a wide selection of chocolates to bring home.


Melbourne Wine
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For those with borderline alcoholic friends, do pick up a few bottles of wine on your way home. Wine is moderately priced in Australia with a multitude of wineries scattered throughout the country. The most famous wineries are located in the Margaret River region, though there are also plenty of great ones in the Yarra Valley!

 Melbourne Cheese


Cheese is a staple diet for the Australians – just look to the various food halls and delicatessen dotted all about the city. One can enjoy a large variety of quality cheeses, unsurprising given Australia’s top notch dairy farms. A wheel or two of cheddar or a few wedges of parmagiano would make an excellent investment.

 Melbourne Fruits


The quality of produce in Australia is excellent, with strict quality standards and high tech farming practices. That being said, there’s lovely seasonal fruits all year round which makes for lovely gifts for families and friends. It’s easy to see what fruits are in season – they’ll be brimming to bursting in the fresh markets and groceries store.


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