Unsure what to bring home for your loved ones from your trip to Manila? Let us give you some suggestions on memorable trinkets to get.

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CHICARON A favourite accompaniment to any meal in Philippines is chicaron (deep-fried pork cracklings). Whether crumbled over sinagang (garlic fried rice), incorporated into sisig (stir-fried pork head and liver) or served as glorious crackers to dip into sauces, the Filipinos’ love for chicaron is undeniable. Grab a few bags on your way back home!  Dried mangoes DRIED MANGOES For those with friends who love sweets, a souvenir of dried mangoes makes the perfect snack gift. Slices of ripe mangoes are sun-dried to extract all the excess moisture, leaving behind a chewy, caramel-like snack that is excellent to tide over hunger pangs. As an added bonus, it makes for a guilt-free all-natural topping for desserts.

Pastilles de leche
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PASTILLES DE LECHE Originating from the town of San Miguel in Philippines, pastillas de leche is a delightful sweet made from milk. Cow milk or caribou milk are traditionally used to make the confectionery, with sweeteners such as sugar and calomandin juice added. Milky, sweet and homey, pastilles de leche is a truly Filipino delight perfect as gifts for your loved ones.  Coffee PHILIPPINES COFFEE With the advent of third-wave coffee shops sweeping the Philippines, finding a good cuppa in Manila is much easier these days. Of course, local home-grown Filipino coffee blends are what we’re interested in. Ask your friendly barista supremo on their offerings of local coffee to bring home. If you’re in luck, you might grab yourself a bag of the prized local-grown kapeng barako coffee.  Davao chocolate PHILIPPINES CHOCOLATE In case you haven’t noticed, we love locally crafted products. For the pick of the bunch, our choice memento would be local Filipino made chocolate. With one of the oldest cacao cultivation history in the Asia, Davao bean-to-bar chocolate is something that one ought to try. Grab a few bars (or boxes) and enjoy!

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