Unsure what to bring home for your loved ones from your trip to Ho Chi Minh City? Let us give you some suggestions on memorable mementos to purchase. Coffee, hcm VIET COFFEE For those with friends who are coffee enthusiasts, a gift of Vietnamese coffee can’t go wrong. Rather than Arabica, Vietnamese coffee uses Robusta. The key difference is the strength of coffee, with Robusta coffee containing three times as much caffeine as Arabica coffee. That being said, Vietnamese coffee is utterly delicious.  Drip, hcm COFFEE DRIP A gift of Vietnamese coffee is not complete without an accompanying set of coffee drip, a manual equipment that one will find sold everywhere in the city. For a good quality stainless steel set, drop by a coffee equipment shop from which you can pick the sizes and quality of materials. A good drip is an investment which will last a lifetime.  Lotus tea, hcm LOTUS TEA Visitors to Vietnam will be familiar with lotus tea, which is served complimentary everywhere in the country. From roadside coffee stops to high end Vietnamese restaurants, the slightly astringent and aromatic tea is refreshing and addictive. Pick up a bag and enjoy a taste of old Saigon. Best enjoyed iced on warm sunny days.

Short chairs, hcm
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SHORT CHAIRS Dining by the roadside in Vietnam is an unforgettable experience, savouring the bright, delicious Vietnamese traditional fares on low plastic tables, seated atop low plastic stools while motorbikes and cars whizz by. Bring back a couple of plastic chairs for a charming and unique afternoon siesta on your lawn/balcony.  Painting, hcm VIETNAMESE PAINTINGS In recent years, Vietnamese artworks are highly prized and sought after by collectors all across Asia and globally. While the arts capital of Vietnam is firmly in Hanoi, one can find various galleries in Ho Chi Minh City displaying vibrant Vietnamese paintings and artworks. Browse and pick out a few for your art buff friends.