Unsure what to bring home for your loved ones from your trip to Bangkok? Let us give you some suggestions on memorable mementos from the Land of Smiles.


Drop by one of the city’s sprawling bazaars and night markets and you’ll find plenty of beautiful local handicrafts. From handsome leather goods, small batch herbal soaps, whimsical glass-blown trinkets to intricately carved wooden utensils, there’s an endless variety of cutesy products lovingly handmade by the locals.

Handicrafts, Bangkok

DURIAN CHIPS                                                 

A favourite snack amongst Thai people, durian chips is a unique souvenir idea for friends and families obsessed with the spiky green fruit. Good quality durian chips are crisp, sweet with a touch of saltiness and the distinctive durian aroma. Durian chips are available everywhere in Bangkok, from snack shops in the famous MBK shopping centre, supermarkets as well as the airport’s DFS outlets.

Durian Chips, Bangkok


A uniquely Thai produced spirit, Mekhong whisky was initially produced in the early 1900s by a private Thai distillery. Today the distillery is partly owned and supervised by the Thailand Ministry of Finance. Although Mekhong is known as whisky, strictly speaking it is rum given the fact that it is made from 95% cane sugar and 5% rice. Herbs and spices are added as a finish, before it is bottled and distributed.

Mekhong Whisky, Bangkok


Originating from Isan, Sato is a beer that has been brewed for centuries by the rice farmers in the region. Sato is often referred to as Thai rice wine, usually brewed in earthenware jugs. The common ingredients used are rice, sugar, yeast and water which are mixed and fermented and filtered to an alcohol content of less than 6%.

Sato, Bangkok


The national sports of Thailand, Muay Thai has grown in popularity over the recent years as a sport and as a workout regime. A pair of Muay Thai shorts is a popular souvenir idea which is practical and unique. Comfy and colourful, Muay Thai pants are perfect for casual day to day wear or sleepwear. Pick up a couple of pairs in sports shops, shopping malls or the open air bazaars around the city.

Muay Thai Shorts, Bangkok

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