Looking for some lovely souvenirs to bring home from Bali? Here are a few quick ideas for mementos to grab on your way back home.


A popular snack to bring back for family and loved ones, pia is a soft flaky pastry with various fillings. One can find a variety of brands of the iconic Balinese gift in supermarkets, independent outlets as well as the airport’s duty-free store. The variety of fillings includes chocolate, cheese, milk, green beans and red beans. For more adventurous eaters, pork or chicken floss and mocha fillings are available too.

Pia, a Balinese souvenir


With a variety of sweet Balinese goodies to satisfy one’s sweet tooth, an iconic snack we love is pie susu (milk pie). A package of pie susu contains individually wrapped mini tarts with fillings made of sweetened condensed milk, egg yolks, corn flour and vanilla essence. Sweet, rich and flaky, pie susu is the perfect gift for dessert lovers. More contemporary version features chocolate, cheese, blueberry and strawberry fillings.

Pie Susu, a Balinese souvenir


For coffee connoisseurs, the Balinese Kintamani coffee is truly unique. The high altitude of the Kintamani highlands and the humidity of the island imparts the distinctive flavour profile of the coffee, with notes of citrus and lemon. With its medium to high acidity, it is best prepared via a pour-over or your trusty French-press. Coffee farmers in Bali adhere to the traditional Subak Abian system, which insists on natural fertilisers and unionised sales of the coffee production. In essence, one can be assured that Kintamani coffee are organic and fair-trade.

Kintamani Coffee Beans, a Balinese souvenir


In the recent years, locally produced wines have gained popularity as part of the new world wine movement. Grown by smallholders and boutique grape vineyards, Balinese wine is distinct for the unique terroir of the Island of Gods. For a special gift to that special someone, do drop by the local bottle shop or the airport’s DFS for a bottle of Bali’s finest.

Wine, a Balinese souvenir


Kacang Bali (Balinese peanuts) is a classic example of simple flavours done well. Locally grown peanuts are roasted and fried with aromatic palm oil and slivers of fresh garlic. Available in pretty much every supermarket island wide, grab a dozen packs or two and you won’t regret it. Do look for freshly roasted batch, which are crisp and flavourful. The addictive snack will have your family and friends clamouring for more.

Kacang Bali, a Balinese souvenir

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