In between all the crazy delicious food in Melbourne and the fantastic cafés serving up award winning brews, do remember to save some room for dessert. You’ll thank us for it.

Chocolate Pizza


Possibly one of the most ingenious inventions this century, the chocolate pizza is a dessert icon in its own right. Think crisp wood-fired oven pizza base topped with lashings of heavenly nutella, fresh-cut strawberries and frills of whipped cream. Mercadante Wood Fired Pizzeria does a mean rendition we love. For city dwellers, head on down +39 Pizzeria which is equally fantastic.

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Churros, or commonly known as Spanish donuts is one of our favourite dessert. The best version that we’ve hunted down so far is sold from the Spanish donuts truck located in Queen Victoria Market. Freshly deep fried to crisp fluffy goodness and shaken with icing sugar, a bag of churros is the perfect snack to much on while admiring the spectacle of the bustling marketplace.

American Doughnut
Image: american-doughnut-kitchen


We don’t know what’s the deal with Queen Victoria Market and donuts, but we have to admit that the American donut van in the marketplace is excellent. A mainstay since the 1950s, the American Donut van is a proud family owned business who is killing it in the fried desserts game. Puffy and moist, each donut is coated with granulated sugar and filled with a thoroughly delightful strawberry jam. Don’t be surprised with the long queues. Talk about a sugar rush.

Gelato Messina
Image: gelatomessina


The new kid looking for a piece of action on the Melbourne sweets scene, Gelato Messina is a well-established institution which made its name in Sydney. Melburnians have a grudging respect for the famed gelato makers and their icy creations, one of the few culinary destinations oft pencilled in when visiting the bustling southern state. That being said, Messina’s Macadamia Crunch gelato is in a league of their own.

Pancake Parlour
Image: pancake parlour


A mainstay in Melburnians collective culinary memory, THE Pancake Parlour is a time-honoured dessert joint that holds a special and irreplaceable place. One of the oldest, and frankly, most delicious pancake (waffles and crepes) joints, there’s always a branch of pancake parlour near wherever you are. Whether you’re looking for the classic short stack or an over-the-top Tiramisu Pancakes, The Pancake Parlour is the place for you.

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