Vietnamese people are into sweet things. Take for example the nation’s favourite drink – ca phe sua da, a delightful concoction of dark roasted coffee mixed with sinful amounts of condensed milk. Let us introduce you to a few of our favourite snacks we’ve feasted on while exploring the charming city.

Ca Phe Sua Da


Visitors to Vietnam would be no strangers to ca phe sua da, the Vietnamese rendition of iced coffee. Ca phe sua da is Vietnamese black coffee mixed with sweetened condensed milk and shaken in a glass of broken ice. Popular amongst the young and the old at all hours of the day, ca phe sua da is a literal rocket fuel of sugar rush and caffeine high that locals can’t live without.

Che Ba Mau
Image: motheryen.vietnamese


One of the most popular Vietnamese dessert found in Vietnamese restaurants throughout the world, che ba mau (three colour dessert) is aptly named for the colourful beans and jellies in the dessert. The iconic yellow mung bean paste, red beans and cubes of green jelly are layered in crushed ice and sweetened coconut milk. The perfect panacea after a long day of walking.



A lovely and healthy dessert for scorching days in the capital is sua chua(Vietnamese yogurt). A generous serving of lightly sweetened red glutinous rice are served atop a dollop of yogurt and topped with broken ice. Mix it all up for a delightful and utterly refreshing icy medley of sweet and sour.

Che Chuoi


For those who likes bananas, che chuoi is the dessert for you. Ripened bananas are boiled with coconut milk, sugar and a pinch of salt before cooked sago pearls are added. A sprinkle of fragrant roasted peanuts ties up the dish. Rich, creamy and sweet, che chuoi is the perfect end to any meal.

Che Bab
Image: phuocndelicious


A typical Vietnamese comfort snack, che bap is a lovely Vietnamese corn soup. Made from sweet corn, steamed glutinous rice, thick sweetened coconut milk and sprinkled over with nutty toasted white sesame seeds, a chill bowl of che bap is perfect for warm days in the city.