A part of Indonesia yet apart from Indonesia, Bali’s culture and demographic have always been a unique study of diverse historical and geographical influence. Let’s study the most important question of them all – what do people in Bali snack on?


One of Bali’s most famous and beloved desserts is bubur injin, a classic breakfast item for Balinese households. Popular for a quick treat in between meals, bubur injin is made from black glutinous rice, gula jawa (Javanese palm sugar), salt and pandan leaves. Served with coconut milk, the simple dessert is sweet, satisfying and rich. Drop by the local Balinese market for this traditional dessert.

Bubur Injin, a local snack


Another unique Balinese dessert is jaja batun bedil, a favourite street snack one can find in Bali’s traditional markets. Soft chewy balls are handmade from glutinous rice flour, rice flour and pandan leaves before being boiled in water. The balls are served with syrup made of coconut milk and gula jawa (Javanese palm sugar) before being topped by freshly grated coconut.

Jaja Batun Bedil, a local snack


Probably Bali’s most famous snack is laklak, a traditional miniature pancakes sold by street vendors. Traditionally, laklak is either white or green, the green versions coloured and scented by pandan leaves. The laklak batter is made from rice flour, maize, coconut milk and sugar which are poured into traditional cake moulds. Cooked over charcoal fire, piping hot cakes are served with freshly-grated coconut and palm sugar syrup.

Laklak, a local snack


With the hot and tropical Balinese weather and the throng of international tourists, it is of little surprise that the island is home to more than a handful of bustling gelato parlours. Typical gelato flavours such as hazelnut and coffee vies with locally-influenced flavours such as pandan and durian. Whatever flavours tickle your palate, a cold creamy gelato sounds like the dream combination to pair with tantalising Balinese cuisine!

Gelato, a local snack


Of the countless numbers of tourists visiting the Island of Gods, there are a select few that are so enamoured by Bali that they made it their home. This explains for the multitude of authentic Greek, Italian and international restaurants on the island, as well as the variety of the quality bakeries and patisseries to round off the offerings. Whether you are looking for artisan doughnuts, homemade croissants or a rustic sourdough loaf, there is a multitude of places to be found on the island.

Bread & Pastries, a local snack

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